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Walking alone at Aranjuez can be fun, but the reality is that you learn very little and you miss the details... unless someone teaches you, and for that we are, in this manner, the royal visit to this beautiful site will be both instructive and fun.

Because we know your needs and we use our imagination to live in yours.

We suggest:

-Bycicles routes.
-Canoeing on the Tajo.
-Travel by balloon.
-Horse-riding routes.
-Tour the historic gardens.

Map of the routes

And the routes:

Route 1:
Secrets and intrigues of the palace.
-Do you know where the first table cloths for the King came from ?
-The egg of King Charles III.
-What Queen started smoking on her wedding day?
-Macaroni for the Queen.
-What Queen said that her husband had more lace than she?

Route 2:
Botany in the gardens.
-In the gardens you will see more of the trees that inhabit it, including:
The arbutus, the lime, the banana, the tree of love, the liquidambar, the yew, ...

Route 3:
Mythology in the gardens.
-What are the myths and what you know about them? In the gardens you can meet:
Hercules, Ceres, Bacchus, Diana, Apollo, Venus, ...

Route 4:
Walk around the city of the XVIII century.
-Wander through a city designed by a King, with his straight and radial structure, and its old buildings.

Route 5:
We design your own route.
-We discuss what places you wish to visit in Aranjuez and we design your route, exclusively for you and yours.

Route 6:
Cultural Gynkana Palace Gardens.
-Using a traditional game with proper dimensions of a king, we will visit the Island Garden and the Parterre Garden.

Route 7:
-With this route we walk the Royal Parks, La Pavera, Real Cortijo, etc... starting with the Garden of the Prince and
the possibility to choose the end of the route between Royal Cortijo or the Casa de la Monta. Your choice!

Route 8:
Palaces in Aranjuez.
(In preparation)

hojas fuente plaza de toros